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Getting Started


Tagging your merchandise with a consignor tag (see picture below) is very important. We keep track of the price, item description, brand, item number and consignor number with this tag. Without it, we would not be able to identify who the item belongs to. This will also enable us to check for recalls in case there are any questions on the item during the sale.

Simply click on generate tags on the My Items page. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us we're more than happy to help!


Example of a Love It Again Tag


After you create and print your tags, make sure they are securely attached to your merchandise see how below. If you have printed a tag off and notice a mistake, please print off a new one. If you just mark through it, the barcode will not be updated.

Tagging Supplies

Below is a list of items that can greatly help you in tagging your merchandise:

  • Tagging gun or safety pins
  • Clear packing tape
  • Plastic ties

Items You May Need

Items you may need


Tagging your Merchandise


Below is a guide how to tag your merchandise correctly.

Make sure that when you place your tag on your items, that the tag is clearly visible. It's also important to write a clear description of your item so we can try to match it back up if it is separated from its tag. This will also cut down on shoplifters trying to change out tags. Fasten your items as securely as possible.


The best way to tag your items is with a tagging gun especially if you have quite a few clothes. We have done a little research and you can get one for a fairly cheap price at KC Store Fixtures locally which is located in downtown Kansas City. We recommend the Fine Fabric Tagging Gun which leaves smaller holes in the clothes. We have some available at cost which is $12.00 for the gun and 500 plastic tags. Just contact us and we'll get one to you. If you do not want to invest in a tagging gun you can also use safety pins. Make sure to tag your items so they're secure. Any untagged items can not be sold.

Rules For Tagging Clothing

  • Always place the item on the hanger where the hanger looks like a question mark. This will present the items consistently in the sale.
  • Always put the tag on the upper right hand corner of the item. Use safety pins to attach tag. If you have a lot of items,it is best to use a tagging gun. Clothes-pins, staples or straight pins are not allowed to attach items.
  • Attach pants on a straight hanger with large safety pins. Do not fold the pants as people will want to hold them up to their children. See pictures below.

Shirt Example


Whole Outfit Example


Jeans Example


  • Use plastic ties to tie shoes together.
  • Place tag on shoe by putting the plastic tie through it. You can also tape down the edges with packing tape. Make sure that the barcode stays showing without tape on it.
  • You could also tape the tag on the bottom of the shoe.

Shoe Example

Books and DVD's

  • Tape the tag on the back of the item. Once again, make sure the barcode is not covered with tape.

DVD Example

Small Loose Toys or Socks

  • Put loose toys or socks in a ziplock bag. Tape the tag to the bag using packing tape. Make sure the barcode is not covered with tape so it scans properly.

Small Loose Toy Example

Other Items

  • Just be creative on other items. The important thing is that the tag is securely fastened and the barcode is not wrinkled or taped over.

Bike Example