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Getting Started


How much does it cost to sell items?

Consignor Fee is $9.00. If you do not make $9.oo in sales, you will be refunded the difference of the fee minus the amount sold.


How do I get started?

  1. Gather your items you wish to sell.
  2. Confirm that your items selected meet the Acceptable Items List guidelines.
  3. Join Love It Again by entering your Membership Information.
  4. From there, click on the My Items.
  5. Enter your item(s) description, name and price. You can look at our Pricing Guidelines if you're wondering how much you should price an item.
  6. Print tags from the My Items page and attach tags to your items according to the Tag Your Items guidelines.
  7. Transport your items from your home to the sale. Place your items in the appropriate labeled sections at the sale.

We'll do the rest!


How much will I profit?

You will get paid 70% of all items sold at our sale. The $9.00 entry fee will be taken out of the profits made so you will get paid 70% of all items sold minus $9.00.


What happens if all of my items don't sell?

Option A: You can pick up your unsold items for up to 3 hours after the sale. Your unsold merchandise will have been grouped according to your consignor id at the end of the sale, making it quick and easy to gather any remaining items.


Option B: You can donate your remaining items to charity. Tax deduction forms will be available at the end of the sale. From the Donated Items page, you can see the total amount donated at the end of the sale.


What if I want to shop the sale also?

No problem. Want to shop, check out our Buyer Info section. Also, if you want to shop before the general public, check our volunteer page.